Saturday, May 16, 2009

Romania, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain

This song is so annoying ... but even if it wasn't, it'd still be ruined for me by the fact that the sylvan nymph theme of the presentation has nothing whatsoever to do with the song.
Boo, Romania!! And it's especially disappointing since Romania has sent some really great songs in the past.

United Kingdom:
Now, this is apparently the song we make use of to bring out the cake ... :-D
Another song that is just mystifying ... I can't believe that this is a favorite. That's got to be just something the betting agencies are making up. Aren't they mostly British owned? >:-)
Argh, our commentator is so stupid ... she says she thinks this song is a serious contender, and why? Because the 'musical craftsmanship and quality' of Lloyd Webber's work will stand out. Umm, yeah ... cause we all know that craftsmanship and quality is what the ESC is all about!! Duh.
I think people may be very surprised by how badly this song ends up doing.

Meh. I've heard this song umpteen times before and I'm sure pretty much everyone in the audience has too.
Too unvaried a melody, too repetitive.
I don't get why this song is in the final.
No chance.

And kind of the same with this. Another favorite. I don't think it has any serious chances, though, because it's not very original. It's a typical example of its genre. But it has great energy. And the singer's great, I like her a lot.
A great slot. But I don't think it'll be anywhere near enough.
A good melody, a good beat, but ... no, I don't think so.
Good way to end the show, though. :-)


José-Roberto said...

great comments baout the United Kingdom. By the way, this song gave us the chance to bring out the "empanadas" and a quick bathroom break before Spain's Soraya took the stage. People in Spain are furious because they felt disrespected by Europe with such scandalous next-to-last-place finish. i am not surprised. The song was terrible, weak and made absolutely non-sense at times ("I want to crucify you in my cross" WTF??) Soraya did her best with a decent choreography but her "magic" trick of disapperaing was just pathetic and left everyone confused. She should have stayed "disappeared" because it only got worse. her costume...hmm. I though I was seeing a reincarnation of Oksana Baiul or Katarina Witt skating at Eurovision! And to make matters worse for Soraya..TVE did a lousy job by first changing Semifinals leaving Andorra nad Portugal twisting in the wind on SF-1 and then not going live on SF-2 preventing the Spanish people from voting for their I am sure that the juries punished Spain (under EBU orders) by givig Soraya very low points. So that's what happened to Spain..hopefully TVE will do better next year, but then again, which Spanish artist will take the risk of humiliation? Enrique Iglesias? Perhaps they should recycle Rodolfo Chikilicuatre to sing "Baila Chiki Chiki Dos"! And in Sweden, (Maltese-born) Kevin Borg will win Melodifestivalen 2010 and will represent the Swedes at ESC 2010 in Oslo, Norway..remember that you read it here first!

Leisha Camden said...

To be honest, I'm not really sure whether stupid English-language lyrics have anything to do with the results. I have to question what percentage of the audience understands English well enough to catch on to the mistakes.

As for the juries 'punishing' Spain 'under EBU orders', I seriously question that. I have never seen any proof that any rigging ever goes on with the ESC. I've heard lots of conspiracy theories but I've never seen any hard evidence. So I'm afraid I will have to dismiss your claim too, however sure you are, if you only have your personal certainty to show for it. Thanks for commenting though. :-) I'll be watching next year to see what the Swedes choose ... ;-)