Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweden, Croatia, Portugal

Was Malena Ernman really born female? The more I see of her, the more I question that.
Why does her gown have those feathers on it, it looks awful?? Hideous. It looks like she's stepped in a huge puddle of coffee.
Again: The chorus is fantastic, but the verse is totally standard and ruins it.
Come on, Alexander, you can beat this chick!! All this winning lark aside, you know that beating the Swede is all we really ask of you. ;-)

I like this song, I think it's lovely. Not a winner though, too slow and too little personality.
I've figured out what it is they're trying to communicate with the choreography: That Igor is soo sexy that when they hear him sing, they just have to touch themselves ...
Nice, I will listen to this a lot when I get around to picking up the CD. (I haven't yet, shame on me.) But far from a winner.

Aww, the sweetest entry. Adorable. Great performance, and I totally love what they're doing with the stage.
I so hope this will do well, it's just so sweet. Precious. :-) Good luck. :-)


Vilda said...

Oh, well, I cannot but agree about the verse vs lyrics. So lets se what "that hobbit of yours" can do :).

DES said...

Have you seen Malena Ernman without makeup on? She's only 39, but she looks closer to 59...

Leisha Camden said...

Vilda: He did pretty well, I'd say. ;-) Welcome to Oslo in 2010!! :-D

DES, actually, I don't think I want to see that ... o_O

José-Roberto said...

Oh I cannot disagree with you more. It is a crime what they did to Sweden, Malta, and Spain. Spain may pull out of Eurovision since the OTI Festival (Organizacion de Television Iberoamericana) is being revived by 2010...Latin America, USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Andorra. The votes are by one international jury and the televote (televote will likely be 50% and the jury will have 50 jurors). I loved Sweden, I loved Malena and this song is so special to me, it is the best when you are driving, flying or on the train. The chorus is celestial. I know the verses are simple but that's the beauty of it, easy to remember both in French and English...and I also have the karaoke and have written verses in Spanish LOL!! My friends are impressed. I liked Rybak, too but after a while he and his violin get on people's nerves. I loved Denmark, too...I will be going to Oslo for ESC 2010Best regards!
Jose-Roberto Orellana.

Leisha Camden said...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. :-) IMO the Swedish could have been so much better, so to me it was a disappointment. I think it would have done badly, though, whatever they'd done with it. Too operatic, alas. I'm sure you like the song a lot, but obviously Europe doesn't agree with you. :-)

Welcome to Oslo next year!! I hope you'll come in time to also experience our national day, May 17th. I'd strongly recommend that. :-)

José-Roberto said...

I will take two weeks vacation from my medical practice to go to Europe. If the EBU changes the dates (right now I think that the Sf's and Finals are May 18th, 20th, 22nd, respectively) due to conflict with the League of Champions, then I will arrive in Oslo on time for National Holidays then will go by train to Stockholm and Copenhagen to see friends before returning to Oslo for Eurovision. Going back to La Voix, I knew that she would not win (I wasn't even sure that she would win Melodifestivalen, but when she won we were hoping...) it is too bad that Europe did not like the song. Funny that we like it here in the USA. Now, we also knew that when we saw the Norwegian Finals at the grand Prix that "Fairytale" was the sure winner at ESC 2009, so it was no surprise that Rybak took the trophy-somewhat anti-climactic. At any rate, we'll be in Oslo... I have not seen one of my friends from college that is a well-known Orthopedic doctor in Oslo, so I am excited to re-establish communication with him. Thanks for your thoughts and for responding to my comments. JR