Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're so excited!!!

We just can't hide it ... !! :-D

Almost time ... !! I'm at KAS and trilltrall's house with a bunch of people - C., Anne Ida, Calyx and her husband N., AudiX and a friend of hers. Right now we're watching our performer and our commentator hanging out with a Russian pop star and laughing our heads off. 80s fashion from Russia ... !! :-D

Ouch, Carola's being interviewed. Shudder. She is so awful. Various names big and small. Ooh, Patricia Kaas ... but what's with that mask ... ?

OK, so, my predictions for tonight. I think the winner will be one of the following:
Ukraine (blech)

If I could choose a winner, I would pick France. Because if Patricia Kaas were to win this, it would mean we - ie, ESC fans - would have a ready answer for at least some of the most common anti-ESC slurs. ;-) But I don't think they really have a chance. Unfortunately. The song is too slow, they weren't in a semi, and their slot is so bad. But good luck, France. :-)

I think these will do well:
Bosnia & Hercegovina

I also hope for the best for Portugal, but I'm not entirely convinced.

The rest I don't know, could go both ways ... except for my favorite, Estonia!! They will do well, although there's no chance they'll win.

Germany's song is fantastic, just so it's said ... but I think they'll bomb. Alas. :-) It's just not the right place for that song. But it's totally fantastic. :-)

Ooh, it's starting ... !! A circus opening the show, that is so cool. A circus and, no doubt, Dima Bilan ... ;-)

Enjoy the show!!

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