Friday, May 15, 2009

This and that

One show-less day to get through before the big one. I hardly know what to write now. ;-) Random snippets on various topics, I suspect ...

Anne Ida and I are going to a screening of Mamma Mia at the Ekeberg Restaurant tonight ... at least if the weather stays this good. It's a singalong screening and entry is free; it starts at 9:30, but it's probably smart to be there an hour early. At least. Come along, my local friends, why don't you. :-) Just the view from that place is worth going up there.

I stopped by the Chit-Chat forum on BookCrossing on Wednesday ... just surfing randomly to alleviate the boredom caused by yet another interminable episode of Lost. I'm grateful that I did go by there. It reminded me of what I'm not missing. I used to be very active on CC for a while, then got into a fight with one of the regulars ... and when I say regular, whew, that's an understatement. This guy seems to have no life outside that forum ... he posts almost constantly (and when not posting seems to mostly spend his time trawling teh intarwebs for dirty jokes) and yet he's registered & released hardly any books. Makes the BookCrossing concept seem kind of pointless. But anyway. We got into a fight where this guy scared the shit out of me and I took off. At first I really missed the place ... I kind of had withdrawal. But I was too nervous to go there ... who'd be the next to turn out to be a borderline sociopath and pull the metaphorical knives out? And after a while I totally lost interest in it anyway. Now I remember most of my time there with a vague fondness that doesn't really highlight anything specific about what I actually used to hang around there for. o_O Anyway. Stopping by this week was a great reminder of exactly why I lost interest in the place.

What a fucking kindergarten. There's nothing but bickering and arguing and bitchiness ... and sure, some members I expect that from - there are some BookCrossers who I swear I don't understand what kind of issues they're dealing with, but you can tell it's gotta be something - but now it's like pretty much everyone is just letting their most childish & immature side run wild. If you want to take a look at what I mean (though I'd advise against it ;-) click here or here.

A weird question overheard on the bus on my way to work yesterday: The bus is scheduled to leave two minutes after the subway arrives, so that people can change over if they want to. A couple of passengers did yesterday. But one guy just got on board and asked the driver, Does this bus go by Helsfyr? The driver said Sorry, no, and the guy got off again. WTF? If he wanted to get to Helsfyr, why did he get off the subway? Helsfyr is the third stop from where he was. o_O My advice: Read the map of the train lines posted in every carriage, it'll help you.

I'm 'reading' a seriously cool & very unusual audiobook right now: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It's on the 1001 list, that's why I picked it up. But it's so weird and I'm totally loving it. I really recommend it. A very strange and very engrossing book.

I've got so many cool things to blog about now, when I can find the time. This past weekend I went field herping with my herpetology group. I took soo many cool pictures. I can't wait to post them. As soon as the ESC is over, then ... !! ;-)

Have a great weekend!!


Paz said...

Damn ESC, at least its over for another year after tomorrow

Paz said...

On the Dumbass on the buss, I had to get a train for first time in years last friday and found it amusing to listen to the dumb questions that people were asking too.I wonder how some of them cope in day to day living

Leisha Camden said...

You're so right ... with some people you really have to wonder how they manage. Especially when you meet people like that in a professional setting, and you can't stop thinking How did this person ever get that job??

Yes, the ESC will be over in 36 hours, so hang in there ... !! I've got lots more great snake pictures coming up. ;-I

Elin said...

Good thing we have the Scandinavian forum!

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, I'm very grateful for that. :-)