Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A very nasty thought

Some background
A commission that was set up to investigate sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy in Ireland is about ready to release the report it has compiled on its findings. And it's not going to be pleasant reading. Many children have suffered a great deal. You can read an article on the report in English here or in Norwegian here.

A fact
The children suffering under the predatory activities of these men have to a great extent been the abandoned children of unmarried mothers and the children of families too poor to keep them, so that they have been sent away to institutions, where a great deal of sexual abuse and torture has taken place.

A further fact
It is the fault of the Catholic Church that its priests rape and otherwise molest children. The reason for all this abuse is the disgusting vow of celibacy that Catholic priests are forced to submit to. All the more repulsive since it stems from greed and a desire to accumulate material goods.

The truth
Men will fuck. It is unnatural for a healthy human male to not fuck. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between. Men will fuck and what they fuck depends on what's available. What did Kinsey find out about men who had had sex with animals? That almost all of them have grown up on farms. Farmboys fuck what's available to them, and so do Catholic priests. I don't understand how anyone could expect anything else.

Yet another fact
It is because of the Catholic Church that Ireland still clings to its outdated and misogynistic ban on abortion. Which doesn't really prevent at least some Irish women from getting abortions. But.

My very nasty thought
How incredibly convenient for Catholic clergy in Ireland that the law their church fights so assiduously to preserve guarantees a steady supply of unwanted children to fill up the (apparently) poorly supervised institutions that the church so kindly runs.


Anonymous said...

my father is a farmer.i am a farmer.this whole idea of humans having sex with animals make me sick. otherwise i agree. clawdia

Gealach said...

This whole thing makes me feel sick... :-(

Paz said...

there is one thing that I would like to point out, the Catholic church had been responsible for the anti abortion and for family planning in the past, up to the 80's.
The successive governments of the 90's had a series of proposals that were worded so badly and explained so badly that people voted against them, even though polls suggested that abortion would pass.
What is worse they refused to give advance copies to support groups so they could act or react while the this issue is in the public gaze.

Leisha Camden said...

clawdia: I am of course not saying that it's 'normal' for farmers to engage in sex with animals. All I'm saying is that research shows that the overwhelming majority of men who have had that type of sex as young boys are in fact farm boys. Which goes to prove what I said about availability. I personally think interspecies sex is a bad idea and in many cases morally wrong.

Gealach: I know how you feel.

Paz: That's very interesting, and I do remember seeing a few things in Norwegian media about this. (Sadly your country is very seldom mentioned in the news and otherwise in the media here in Norway.) The way you describe it certainly makes me think that someone has a vested interest in not changing the laws on this point.

Paz said...

They messed up so badly the last time that the word abortion referendum was a dirty word for a long time.
The current government is doing so badly in the polls now that the major opposition party looks to get in if there was a vote right now. The problem is that the party is Christian Democrat tho they call it by another name.
In a nutshell its still civil war politics from the 1920's on, as in life of Brians 'the popular peoples front' against 'peoples popular front'. Both major parties are Center

Leisha Camden said...

When will you have the next parliamentary election?

Paz said...

our government elections are every 5 years, our last was in 2007 so unless the government lose a no confidence vote 2012 is our next one.
Report was bad but the news here only highlighted the parts we knew already

Leisha Camden said...

So quite a while until your next election then. Ours is next fall. We have something of the same problem as you though - as I'm sure will not surprise you - that although the parties portray themselves as very different from each other it's often just the same shit in different wrapping ...