Thursday, May 15, 2008

THE CZECH REPUBLIC 2008: Teresa Kerndlova - Have Some Fun

And now for something completely different ...

The Czechs should have been disqualified last year, IMO, because they used a voice distorter. That really got my hackles up. And it was their ESC debut, too. Bad start. Fortunately it didn't qualify (and how!), so we only had to hear it the once. (Now if only I hadn't bought the CD ...)

And this year? This year they've sent a song that is a prime example of why we should all be singing in our own national languages, because in cases like this the song would have been SO much better for the rest of us if we couldn't understand how stupid the lyrics are.

But what a singer they have sent. She can tap dance, she can play the flute and the piano, she can sing (let's be generous) she's a model for some makeup brand and she can wait tables! How will they present this on stage?? :-D (I'll go out on a limb and say she will dance around in a skimpy dress and a big smile and have some hot backing dancers behind her ...)

Blech. Come on Europe, let's repeat last year's performance - Czech Republic, one point total! This just has no personality, the most GODAWFUL lyrics ... the girl is sweet but the song has nothing.

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