Saturday, April 25, 2009

BELGIUM 2009: Patrick Ouchène – Copycat

This one I am so not sure about. o_O Could totally bomb or could do pretty well. I'm leaning towards the former. I kind of like it personally ... despite myself, because I'm an Elvis fan and I'm not entirely sure that this isn't offending the King in some way. But the song, on its own merit, kind of rocks. So I'm torn. I like it. But I seriously don't know that the ESC audience will. The older members may well think it's all that. But they are way outnumbered by young 'uns, down East especially. And I think that segment may just glance at this, think WTF? and move on to some dance entry like the Turkish entry or whatever.

The Belgians are quite confident about this song. But they have a history of misplaced confidence in their ESC entries, so I really don't know. My hopes are not high. Fortunately they're not in our semi, so I can't be tempted to vote for this. They have a shitty starting slot, #3, which will not be to their advantage. Maybe it's just as well. I really don't think E. would have liked this.

But I personally do like seeing a rockabilly entry in the contest ... whatever I may think of the song itself and its inspiration. :-)

This is Patrick Ochène performing Copycat, written by Jacques Duvall and composed by 'Miam Monster Miam' ... whatever ... they will be competing for Belgium on May 12th. Good luck, heretics.

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

I like rock n roll but I can't see this one going in the finals!

nona35 said...

Today's rehearsal:

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah ... the entry itself is good, I do actually like it, despite the heresy ;-) ... but I don't think the ESC is the place for it.

But I love what they're doing with the stage. The stage this year totally rocks ... !! :-)