Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The city of Oslo is made up mostly of forest. Yeah, really. There is wonderful hiking terrain easily accessible to pretty much everyone who lives in the city ... even though those who insist on living downtown have to make use of some form of public transport to get there. :-)

These are some pictures of woodlands east in the city ... in spring, obviously. :-) These were taken on two different hikes, both during the second half of this current month. Enjoy. :-)


Paz said...

nice photo's madam as usual, great to get you away from ESC :P

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, I'd love to visit.

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, guys. :-) There's so much beautiful scenery in a forest that it's easy to take good pictures. Sorry about all the ESC stuff, Paz ;-) but I've got to finish my project. :-) Not much more to go now, I promise. :-)

Margo, you should come to visit one day!! If you do, I promise to take you on some great hikes. ;-)