Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring flowers 2009, part 3

There's still something of a chill in the air, but spring is definitely here. :-)

Various spring flowers I've seen over the past few days.

Pussy willows in the mist :-) on Thursday. It hadn't rained ... the fog was just so incredibly thick that morning.

Pussy willows in the sun on Sunday. :-)

Snowdrops, also on Sunday. KAS and trilltrall and I took a walk to Alna Riding School to see a horse show there. It was warm and sunny out and we saw lots of flowers on the way. Happy happy! :-)

Lots and lots of coltsfoot ... :-)

Scilla siberica. Some in bud and some in flower. I love these flowers, their color is just gorgeous.

Crocuses ;-) outside my house. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Flowers! :D

Leisha Camden said...

I know ... !! :-D

AudiX78 said...

SPRING is here!! Love it love it love it!!
Nice pics

Paz said...

great shots madam

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, guys. Yup, lovin' it ... !! :-D

iamyuva said...

beautiful... spring is here..

Leisha Camden said...

Yes it is ... ! Whee ... !! :-D