Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CROATIA 2009: Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea - Lijepa Tena

The Croatian entry was my favorite last year - not that I thought it had any realistic chance of winning, it was too oddball for that, but it was the song I liked the best. An absolutely lovely song. So I approached their efforts this year with some trepidation. But I actually like this song a lot. Maybe because it's not at all unfamiliar to last year's entry ... ?

This is a lovely ballad too - not as original as Romanca, but sweet and charming. The singer isn't very good, unfortunately, but the song has personality and charm and a wonderful melody. I'm very happy that it's in Croatian ... partly on principle and partly because the English translation makes it sound totally stupid. But that's me. I like this song. I can see how it might not appeal to everyone, but I don't think a lot of people will have a lot to reproach Croatia with either, this year. A sweet ballad. Only problem is that they did pretty badly with their sweet ballad last year, so results-wise, I don't really know ...

But all the best of luck to them, definitely. :-) This is Igor Cukrov and Andrea performing Lijepa Tena (the title means Beautiful Tena, apparently) by Tonči Huljić and Vjekoslava Huljić. They will be competing for Croatia in one of the worst possible slots, #1 on May 14th.

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Another ballad!!! A lovely one, too! I really can't tell how this one will go in Moscow.
Good luck though!!

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, this is a wonderful song, really sweet, and well performed. I hope it will do well, but it's risky, because there are soo many ballads this year that it may just drown in the choir.