Tuesday, April 21, 2009

POLAND 2009: Lidia Kopania – I Don’t Wanna Leave

Now this entry was actually quite a pleasant surprise. I'm sorry, but Poland just isn't one of the countries that I expect much from in this contest. And to be fair, I'm not alone in that. They've been competing since 1994 - when they came 2nd, actually, but then again that was Edyta Górniak they sent that time - and they've mostly just ... done really badly. The semi system hasn't been good to them ... they failed to qualify for three years running, then mysteriously got through last year, but ended 23rd. So ... I wasn't expecting much. But I actually really like this song. Lyrics-wise it's a cheesy love song, and this is another song that I wish wasn't in English, but I can get past that. The tune is beautiful, sweet and melodious, and she has a good voice - it isn't perfect, but it has character :-) - that works very well with the song. The presentation I'm not sure about - ballet? Umm ... did they not watch the final last year? And notice that there was a very heavy ballet element in the Russian entry ... which won ... so that this year's final will be hosted by ... Russia. Did the Poles miss that? o_O

The presentation IMO is over the top, but they may well change that by the time they get to Moscow. The song is quite lovely, and the perfomer is very good and suits the song very well. If they got to the final last year, they should definitely manage to repeat that with this entry. Good luck to them. :-)

This is Lidia Kopania performing I Don't Wanna Leave by Alex Geringas, Bernd Klimpel, Rike Boomgaarden and Dee Adam, a quartet that will be competing for Poland on May 14th. Not such a great slot, they're #5. But here's hoping they'll do well anyway. :-) And I can vote for them, yay. I think maybe I will. :-)

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Ha ha ha, Leisha, I dread the moment the ballads being presented this year. After Russia last year, with the ice scater and the violinist AND the singer all crowded, what comes next?????
Poland's song is nothing special and too ordinary but listenable.
Good luck!

Leisha Camden said...

I agree that this is pretty ordinary. But definitely listenable and she has a pretty voice. I would have much preferred to see this in the final rather than, say, Denmark. But, oh well, that's how it goes. :-)