Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HUNGARY 2009: Zoli Adok – Dance With Me

Hungary's had a shitload of trouble getting their entry together this year. Their first choice got disqualified for some reason that my fever-addled brain can't remember right now - but locally, it wasn't fully submitted as I recall it - and then, unlikely as it sounds, the same thing happened with their second choice for some other reason. o_O I don't remember this ever happening before. Two tries, OK, maybe, but three?? Dat some heap big trouble ... o_O

Anyway, this is what they've ended up with. A poppy dance song. Supposed to be disco, but I'm not sure I'm buying that. Aand ... I kind of like this song. I have to say despite myself, because this isn't really the type of music I like, but I do kind of like this anyway. Not sure why. The chorus is kind of catchy. It has a simplicity about it that appeals to me ... at least at the moment when I haven't eaten for 36 hours. ;-) His voice isn't all that, but it's good enough for this kind of song. It has a pretty good beat and the lyrics really work with this tune. Not at all bad IMO ... although Hungary does have a lot to live up to; one of my all-time ESC favorites is their 2005 entry Forogj vílag. Now that was something else. Should have won. Damn Greeks. ;-)

This song may do pretty well (although it's far from a winner, I'm afraid) or it may totally bomb. I don't think the juries will fall for this ... and the TV audience may not either. It'll be interesting to see how things go for this song. Pretty sure we'll beat them though. ;-)

The video has some cool elements and some totally cheesy ones. I kind of like it too. :-)

This is Zoli Adok performing Dance With Me by Zé Szabó & Kasai ... they will be competing for Hungary as #11 on May 14th.

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Such a beautiful song!!!
I really rally like it. I wonder how it'll be on stage!
Good luck Hungary!!!

Leisha Camden said...

The song itself is pretty good. But this type of song generally does badly in the ESC, so it wasn't any surprise that they didn't get through. Kudos for the effort, though ... I thought it looked pretty good on stage. :-)