Sunday, April 26, 2009

IRELAND 2009: Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy – Et Cetera

Ireland is the most-winningest ESC participant ever. So there. It's just that it's such a while ago. And they sure didn't make things better for themselves last year. >:-( What a piece of shit. Sorry, Paz, no offense intended. ;-) But seriously. One should at least pretend that one is making an effort.

This year's entry - SO much better. Beyond compare. A real song! With humans on stage! Yes, it's a sad day when that last bit needs to be mentioned as an improvement. >:-( But this song is a cute and charming pop song performed by a group of cute and charming girls ... probably in outfits that will go down well with the younger section of the audience down East. The live performance isn't that good, so fingers should be crossed ... it may come across as charming, but, well, no guarantees. The song itself isn't quite a winner, but it's a good entry - catchy, upbeat, with both charm and personality.

I'm glad to see Ireland back on track. :-)

This is Sinead Mulvy and her (??) band Black Daisy performing Et Cetera by a whole bunch of people (click here for the list :-) who will be competing for Ireland on May 14th. Unfortunately in a slot that is beyond shitty; #2. Alas. But good luck. :-)

From the national final:

The official video:

Lyrics here.


Paz said...

most-winningest this is the only one I read, I have not heard the song, I saw the pics and agree with you on last years entry, it was SH!T

Paz said...

meant to have typed most-winningest WTF :P

nona35 said...

Very sweet song this year for Ireland! I really like it and the girls all seem so fresh!!!
Hope it does well.
Good luck!!!!

Paz said...

Have you ever heard of Fr Ted, a parody of priests living on the west coast of Ireland made by Channel4 England written by Irish guys, they did a skit " A song for Europe" where Ireland did not want to win another Eurovision after they had won so much(in the 90's) anywat the priests enter the song contest and this is the video they dreamed for the contest and it was based on a 60's video made by the Swarbriggs for their entry to the Eurovision

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, nona, a pretty sweet song. A shame they didn't get to the final ... this year. ;-) But a good effort.

Paz, I'm so glad to hear - again - that you take such a sensible attitude to last year's Dustin debacle. Good for you. :-)

I have never watched Father Ted (but I know about it, it's been on TV here, and now I'm sorry I never watched it :-) and I wasn't aware of the ESC-related skit until recently ... someone else left a comment about it here on the blog just a few days before you did. :-) Thanks for the link - funny!! :-D