Thursday, April 30, 2009

Books I've read in 2009 - April

Det finns en särskild plats i helvetet för kvinnor som inte hjälper varandra by Liza Marklund and Lotta Snickare
Acid Row by Minette Walters - AUDIO
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
Mr Darcy Takes A Wife by Linda Berdoll
Når rødt er sort by Qiu Xiaolong
Kjærlighet for viderekomne by Marianne Fastvold
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier - AUDIO
Where We Once Belonged by Sia Figiel
Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte
Death and the Penguin by Andrey Kurkov
Inside Putin's Russia by Andrew Jack
Glasbruket by Arnaldur Indridason

11 printed books, 3,169 pages.
2 audiobooks, 17h 52m.

I also read a couple of graphic novel-type things that I'm not counting ... and I listened to a dramatization of Les Miserables which I thought was a standard audiobook when I ordered it from the library, but, well, it wasn't. :-) So I'm not counting it, but I did listen to it. :-)

Best fiction: Where We Once Belonged. A novel set in Samoa, a country I know very little about and from which I have never read any literature. But this book was a wonderful read. A poetic and beautiful picture of a young girl's life.

Best nonfiction: Enslaved by Ducks. Incredibly funny and so well written. I wish I could say I saw nothing of myself in it ... ;-)

Best audio: Oh, both were so good. But the woman who read Acid Row was fantastic. She just acted it out as she read, basically. A fantastic performance.


Anonymous said...

The only one of those that I have read is Girl with a Pearl Earring, and I love that one. The others sound good, though, especially Death and the Penguin, The Poisonwood Bible, and Enslaved by Ducks.

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, Girl was really good, better than I expected. It was an audiobook and the woman who read it did a wonderful job. I'll definitely be reading more by Chevalier. But pretty much everything I read this month was really good. The Berdoll book was the only one that sucked. :-) Enslaved by Ducks was fantastic, totally hilarious. I recommend it! Death and the Penguin was both charming and sad ... and it was really cool to read some Ukrainian fiction, I liked that. A first for me. :-)