Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I have zero energy to write anything today ... long story, we've had something major going on at work - last day tomorrow though - and so we've all been working so much lately, and today has been the most stressful day I've had all year. I'm soo tired ... I can't wait to get to sleep. :-) So my blog post today will just be an expression of my hope that you've all had a good day today, Earth Day 2009. I did nothing to celebrate the day ... no energy to focus on anything but work. Maybe next year. :-)

Happy Earth Day! Please take a moment to consider our planet, how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to have it. And don't forget: We only have the one.

The picture is from one of my favorite places in nature, and a natural wonder - Wild Man Valley in Rondane. More pictures here.

Google celebrated too, look. :-)


Paz said...

Great shot of the waterfall.
So does the wild man still live in the valley.

Leisha Camden said...

Alas, no, and what's worse, he never did. No wild people at all. :-( The name was invented by some guy whose own name I never remember ... this place was all but forgotten by hikers and tourists some decades ago, so some clever fellow came up with this name to make it sound more interesting and thus get more people to hike there. And that is a true story. :-)