Monday, April 27, 2009

BULGARIA 2009: Krassimir Avramov – Illusion

Hmmm ... how to state my honest opinion of this entry without offending my Bulgarian readers? Well, I guess the easiest way is just to be grateful that I don't actually have any Bulgarian readers ...

I hope whoever wrote this song doesn't actually understand English, but instead used some sort of word processing program to just string words together ... because these lyrics really are just beyond embarrassing. Please don't listen to them. I'm not sure that doing so may not be harmful in some way.

The video is totally cheesy and the singer, ouch. The less said the better. He makes me much more favorably inclined towards the Belarusian entry. Perhaps not quite what he intended ... and also something of an achievement. The song itself, just totally on its own merit, might not be completely hopeless ... but I just can't separate it from the presentation. The moment I saw this video, it was too late. I mean, it's just ... Well ... see for yourselves. o_O

This is Krassimir Avramov performing his own composition Illusion that he cowrote with Casie and William Tabanou ... they will be competing for Bulgaria on May 12th, performing as #11.

From the national final:

The official video ... oh, my eyes ... !

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

The minute I heard this I couldn't beleive my ears!!! It's really bad.
Pity cause I really liked 2008-2007entries very much. :-(

nona35 said...


nona35 said...

Oh my God!!!!!!!
Look at this circus!!!!!

Leisha Camden said...

OMG. This entry sucks so hard ... !! :-D

It's even worse live than in the video. I don't think anyone needs to worry about Bulgaria this year. :-D

Stas Lem said...

Hello, Leisha.

With this post hitting Google now you are sure to gain some Bulgarian readers, such as myself :)

Honesty is usually the best strategy, and I can't really feel offended about your opinion on Mr. Avranov's performance, just because I incidentally was born in the same political division of a geographic region as he is.

Truth is, we Bulgarians, are having as much fun with this, as people abroad. Of course, we'd rather not have this guy represent Bulgaria, in fact there are doubts he rigged the votes to win the nominations. In a small country like Bulgaria this would not be outrageously expensive to do.

I guess I more feel sorry for the guy, since he genuinely believes in being a great singer it seems. He's been doing this for over a decade now and he has yet to reach some conclusions about his on-stage performance quality, it seems.

On the plus side, this is likely the last you see/hear from this guy ;)

Leisha Camden said...

Hello yourself! I must say, I'd be happy to have any number of Bulgarian readers if they were all as polite and articulate as you. :-)

I do agree that honesty is the best policy in cases like these ... and these blog posts are only my own personal opinion, obviously. But you see, I got in a spat last year with some Irish people who were deeply insulted that I called the Irish entry a piece of shit. Because it was Irish, so obviously that was an insult to Irish people everywhere. o_O I didn't get it then and I don't get it now, but it's made me a little wary.

I'm not looking to offend anyone ... but I also don't understand how anyone can be offended by a mere opinion on a song, unless maybe they wrote it themselves. >:-)

I didn't know about those rumors about the Bulgarian entry, that's really interesting. I'm not surprised to hear it, because to be honest, it's a mystery to me how that song ever got selected. Better luck next year, I guess. :-)

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your comment. Feel free to come by again, whenever. :-) Take care!!