Saturday, April 25, 2009

MOLDOVA 2009: Nelly Ciobanu – Hora din Moldova

Moldova's going all out with the nationalism this year. Kinda what you'd call OTT. You've just got to see this one. :-D I would resent it on principle, except that I really like this song. It is soo catchy ... I can't help myself ... I dig it. :-) Great rhythm, great beat, a very charming singer with a good voice ... yeah, I dig it. They're in our semi so I can vote for them, and I almost think I will. This is just such a fun song. Fun and lively and just the type of song that makes you start tapping your foot before you've even heard the first verse. The folk music thing may be too much, though ... ie there may be too much of it here ... it's not really tempered much with poppier elements, it's just more like straight folk music. So it may not go down too well. But I think older viewers may really like it. It'll be so interesting to see how things go for this song.

The one thing that I can say against this song is that the title is very unfortunate-sounding in Norwegian. ;-) But we can hardly expect them to take that into account. :-) The title means Dance from Moldova. It's partly in English and partly in Romanian, so kudos for that, too.

They got lucky with a really good slot, #15.

This is Nelly Ciobanu performing Hora din Moldova which she co-wrote with Andrei Hadjiu and Aristotelis Kalimeris. They will be competing for Moldova on May 14th.

From the national final:

The official video:

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Well, I really love the wind instruments and the music is beautiful and uplifting but I hope they won't put any folk clothes or anything on stage cause it'll be TOO much imo. And there's something about the ending that I don't like :-|

Leisha Camden said...

Well, they did end up wearing some kind of folk costumes. But I didn't mind that, personally. I thought the entry was just so great - it had such energy and was so upbeat and entertaining that it was just nothing but fun to watch. :-) I'm sorry that they didn't do better. But at least they got to the final.