Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PORTUGAL 2009: Flor-de-Lis – Todas as ruas de amor

I really liked the Portuguese entry last year ... it didn't do too well, ended up 13th ... but then again, that was the best they'd managed for ten years. So maybe it was pretty good after all. :-) Anyway.

This is an entry that I do like, but I don't think it'll do very well. It's too ... modest. It does have a number of ... let's say authentic elements that segments of the audience may like. And the juries too for all I know. And the singer is sweet - a pretty and charming young thing, that's never wrong. :-) But the melody isn't what you'd call overly catchy ... it's too even, there's no real hook here. I think many viewers will quite enjoy hearing & seeing this while it's on, but then forget it pretty soon afterwards. And that, as we know, is not a good thing. Alas. But Portugal has no reason to be ashamed, certainly. This is a good enough entry ... but not really up there where it needs to be. It's rather oldfashioned in some ways ... it's the type of song that I'd have expected to hear five or ten years ago. I don't think Portugal will do well this year.

Kudos, of course, for singing in Portuguese ... but then again, they always do. And more power to them. :-)

This is Flor-de-Lis performing Todas as ruas de amor by Pedro Marques and Paulo Pereira; they will be competing for Portugal in a good slot - #16 - on May 12th.

Lyrics here.


nona35 said...

Beautiful, lovely song for Portugal this year! That girl is so sweet. Hope they do very well in Moscow. Good luck!!!

Leisha Camden said...

It is a very nice song. But it's probably not ... showy enough, or whatever. Unfortunately. I'd really like to see Portugal win once. They would be beside themselves, it'd be so cool. :-)