Saturday, April 25, 2009

ICELAND 2009: Johanna Gudrun Jonsdottir – Is It True

Best Icelandic entry ever ... ??

OK, maybe not. I totally love their entry in 2005, which the very talented Selma performed ... and I do in fact like their 2007 entry too, very much, as off-putting as the singer's diva tactics may have been. They deserved to do better with that song, but they have only themselves to blame that they didn't, because the presentation that time was completely hopeless. Anyway.

This is a wonderful song, I love it. An absolutely beautiful ballad. Good lyrics, an enchanting melody, a beautiful singer with a lovely voice and an emotional performance. I fail to see how this song could possibly do badly. That said, it's probably not spectacular enough to go all the way. But the Icelanders deserve to do very well this year. They can certainly hold their heads up, because this entry pretty much has it all. A dignified entry (*cough* not like in 2006 *cough*) that should have cross-generational appeal. And the singer looks very Icelandic :-) which may be a plus. I'm really looking forward to seeing her dress ... ;-)

This is Johanna Jonsdottir performing Is It True by Óskar Páll Sveinsson, Chris Neil and Tinatin who will be competing for Iceland on May 12th. Unfortunately I won't be able to vote for them, since they're not in our semi. But I hope and believe that they will make it through even without any Norwegian votes (which they'd be sure to get with this song :-) and if they do, I will definitely vote for this entry on the 16th. :-)

From the national final:

The official video ... boring IMO ... :

Lyrics here.


AudiX78 said...

I like the song.. but not the second video.. :-(

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, totally ... the video they've made for this song is so boring. Pointless. In Norwegian I would describe it as 'intetsigende'.

But fortunately no one will see the video on stage in Moscow. :-)

nona35 said...

Mmmmm, too old fashioned for my taste. Beautiful voice though!
Too many ballads this year aren't there?

nona35 said...

Yesterday's rehearsal, and I must admit I like it. Beautiful voice and the colours and backround are very nice!

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, there were a lot of ballads this year ... but a lot of them were really good IMO. Not just boring and all the same. Next year I bet it will be different though ... less ballads and more uptempo folk music-inspired entries ... for some reason. ;-)