Thursday, September 25, 2008

The best way to travel!

My favorite driver drove me to work today.

I have never seen her, but I picture her as a blonde. She works for Ruter, the company that runs the public transport system here in Oslo. She rocks. :-) I take line 2 to and from work and when I realize she's the driver, I always get a little kick out of my ride.

What's so special about her? She's a talker. :-) Most of the subway drivers don't say anything beyond what they absolutely have to say.
Next stop is Parliament.
There will be a brief halt as we're waiting for a green light.
The doors are closing.
Next station will be Railway Square; transfers to Oslo Central Station and the Bus Terminal.
Not this woman, though. She really talks to us. She says things like, We're right on schedule at the moment, and that is very good just now in the middle of rush hour. We're grateful to our punctual passengers.
But even better, if you make her angry, she'll say things like this: We are half a minute behind schedule at the moment, and that is because of the young man in the blue jacket in the rear carriage who held the door for his friend at Brynseng station. I really think that's quite rude of you towards our other passengers who do show up on time, and I hope that you will be more considerate next time.

Am I right, doesn't she just rock? :-D

One time as I got off at my stop for work in the morning, I saw a piece of trash right by my feet. So I bent down and picked it up and put it in the garbage can by the entrance to the platform. And then the subway said to me, Thank you!

Absolutely made my day. :-D


Anonymous said...

"And then the subway said to me, Thank you!"

'The Story of the Subway that Spoke'

I love that!! :D

Leisha Camden said...

I know, isn't it fantastic?

They should all be like that. :-)

Of course, at work they looked at me a little strangely when I got there and told everyone that 'the subway talked to me today!' ...


Paz said...

don't tell your company shrink that you hear the subway talking to you, you will be fired,LOL
I like what findabair siad there's a book there.

Leisha Camden said...

Ha, they can't fire me, we're so shortstaffed now that I really don't see how they could manage without me. >:-) Not that I plan to lose my sanity, but even if I did, I'm pretty sure they'd try to keep me anyway. ;-)

Yeah, it could be a book, couldn't it. 'The Little Subway that Could'?? :-)