Monday, September 15, 2008

Flea market review 2008: Lilleborg, September 13th

Lilleborg elementary school at Torshov in the east end of Oslo.

Access ... let's see, you can take the streetcar, lines 11 or 12. Not sure of the name of the stop. Vogts gate? Is that a stop? There are also some buses that stop nearby ... line 20 is the only one I remember, but there's got to be more, too. :-) The school is in Torshov Street, just down a little ways ... Torshov Street is a side street to Sandaker Road or whatever the hell it's called just there. Vogt's Street?

This was my second visit to this flea market. It's pretty good, at least in the book department. :-) Both times I found some fantasy/SF/horror books there, so there must be some fans locally. ;-) This time I arrived pretty late, at around a quarter to three (they closed at four) so the slim pickings in the furniture section may have been to do with that. And I'm sure the book section had been much better too, earlier in the day. (I think they opened at ten.) Still quite a lot left in kitchenware. Not a lot that was worth buying, IMO, but that's another story. >:-) Next time I will definitely try to get there earlier.

The prices were OK ... about 10 crowns per book. I'd guess they'd be more amenable to wheeling & dealing on Sunday afternoon. ;-) I was satisfied with what I got, anyway ... except that I had to lug it around with me afterwards, that kind of sucked. But I brought it on myself.

Final verdict: worth visiting (shield your children's eyes if you want a quiet evening, though; they have a cotton candy machine!) but preferably early in the day.

My loot:

A crowd scene:


findabair said...

Is that more Dimsie I see in that pile there? :)

Leisha Camden said...

Yup ... and even more coming up in the next review. ;-)

You have a sharp eye for these things, my friend ... !! :-D