Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flea market review 2008: Linderud, August 31st

Linderud elementary school at Linderud, in the east of the city.

This was my first time at this flea market, and possibly the last. I went with a friend from work who lives close by, so that's why I went there. Not sure I would have otherwise.

This is a two-day event - Saturday and Sunday - which is normal for flea markets around here that are hosted by schools. To get there, try subway line 5 to Linderud station, or alternatively, there are at least two bus lines that have stops right by the station (line 59 and at least one other). The school is a short walk from the station.

This was really not all that. Disappointing. I got a good haul, because in the book room they were having a bag sale - yes!! - and at a very good price, too. 40 NOK for one bag, 70 for two (roughly between $7-13). This was on the second day. And not only was the price right, but the selection was good too - although I'm not sure this was really normal for this place. Apparently someone had donated to this year's collection - someone with an interest in India. I found about ten books - both fiction and nonfiction - all newer paperbacks in good condition, on various topics related to India and Bangladesh. Both contemporary and historical. So I was really happy with that. But obviously that was a one-off occurrence, can't expect to be that lucky every time. :-) And other than this it was pretty standard. I did find one book in a series that Findabair collects, and that she didn't have ... so that was lucky. But again, a fluke. The selection generally wasn't that big or that good ... although perfectly acceptable. And in other news ...

The knickknack section was surprisingly small. The kitchen section was OK, but not very big either. Furniture, which my friend was looking for - pretty small selection, and not a lot of interesting stuff either. Clothes we didn't look at. Sports equipment and electronics I'm not sure I even saw. The café was OK. Seemed to have some good cakes, but we went for the waffles. :-) Overall OK but not anything I'd be very sorry to miss the next time. And I just heard a story about someone who had a bad experience there later the same day - a woman who witnessed someone being rudely yelled at by one of the staff for something extremely irrelevant. Not a plus, I guess.

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