Monday, September 8, 2008

Phyllida Lloyd: Mamma Mia!

I was so psyched about seeing this movie, but then too lazy to blog about it ... ;-)

Two down, seven to go, anyway.

I saw this on August 18th with my friends Anéa and Findabair. It was a singalong screening, or at least was supposed to be ... but the subtitles were exlusively in Norwegian so IMO that kind of defeated the purpose. I mean, the subtitles were great. Totally above and beyond anything I'd expect from movie subtitling in this country. You could sing the Norwegian lyrics, totally. But the songs were in English. We mostly don't dub movies here. So I'm sure a lot of people there felt it would be somewhat weird & awkward to sing in Norwegian. Not a lot of people did any singing, at least. For whatever reason. I knew all the English lyrics by heart, but I can't sing. :-) ... or :-(

This was an entertaining and well crafted movie, for its genre. Obviously the characters weren't very intelligent and behaved very strangely. But that comes with the territory. You've just got to accept what kind of movie this is - it's a musical and that does mean, to some extent, check your brain at the door. It also means that the actors have to do certain things, behave in certain ways ... it was borderline embarrassing (ahem) at times to see Meryl Streep squirming and rolling around and generally acting like she was either 5 years old or mentally retarded. But that's the genre. You pays your money, you makes your choice.

The music of course was fantastic. Goes without saying. Everyone except the three dads did a great job singing. Amanda Seyfried was impressive, she should have a fine career ahead of her. Meryl Streep was amazing; she has a wonderful singing voice and she put soo much emotion into her songs. Slipping Through My Fingers was especially moving. That was a lovely scene in itself, too. All the songs were excellently produced, and the majority well performed. Obviously, you can only see this movie if you are an ABBA fan or at least like their music. Otherwise you'll just be torturing yourself. But for those of us who are able to appreciate the genius of Björn & Benny, this is, in terms of the music, pretty much heaven.

The plot is extremely simple, but that's how it goes. The twists are obvious and any reasonably intelligent viewer should be able to spot them coming a mile off. (But really, what do you expect.) The choreography is extremely professional, and very well performed. The setting is wonderful - who doesn't love a little Greek island. ;-) A lot of great characters - maybe the supporting characters especially were very charming. Old local ladies, &c. :-) Some really good performances. And, of course - Colin Firth. Mmm, Colin Firth ...

A tip: Do NOT rush out or push the off button* as soon as the credits start rolling - you'll be missing something great. ;-)

*This movie should probably not be watched at home, though. Typical big screen only fare.


Paz said...

or should not be watched by straight guys (unless they are under the thumb), even if they are comfortable with their sexuality

Leisha Camden said...

LOL!! Good point! Yeah, it's a total chick flick. ;-)

A guy I work with (straight, around 60 y.o.) went to see it with his wife ... and he kind of enjoyed it, sort of ... but he only went because she promised that if he did, she'd go with him later to see The Dark Knight. He liked that one better. ;-)

But I'm a chick and I liked them both, so there! ;-)

Paz said...

Wild horses could not drag me to a chic flic, I am man hear me roar(when i get permission)

Leisha Camden said...


RHJ said...

Sitat: but I can't sing.

Feil! Absolutt alle kan synge! Men, selvsagt, hvis du etter én sang oppdaget at du var alene i salen, så var det kanskje et tegn på at du ikke burde ha sunget? ;-)

PS: Det virker som om det var en søt, morsom og hyggelig film. Akkurat den slags filmer jeg er så sjeleglad for at jeg slipper å måtte se :-)

Anonymous said...

omg i loved that movie!! it was awesomeXD and thanks for the layout comment=)

Leisha Camden said...

RHJ: 'Absolutt alle kan synge' - det er jeg ikke enig i. Da tror jeg ikke vi definerer det å synge på samme måte. Det er sant at såfremt man ikke er stum, så kan alle trykke ut av seg en eller annen form for lyd eller ulyd i forbindelse med en melodi ... men det er slik jeg ser det en viss avstand mellom dét og det å kunne synge.

zantella: Yeah, it's a cool movie, I'm so glad I saw it in a theater. About the compliment, you're welcome; thanks for commenting here. :-)

RHJ said...

Når det gjelder amatørsang, er det motivet som teller, ikke resultat.
Syng i vei, du!

Det verste som kan skje, er at folk blir takknemlige: - Puh! Jeg har heldigvis ikke så fæl stemme som hu' derre! ;-)