Friday, September 26, 2008

Can it be true??

Have my misanthropy and negativism been misplaced?? :-o

Read this.

Can it be happening?? :-D


Paz said...

Still close hang on to negativism and mysanthropy, it is not a sprint.
CNN and Opinion Research Corporation Asked who did the better job, 51 per cent said Senator Obama and 38 per cent said Senator McCain.
CBS News and Knowledge Networks had 39 per cent saying Senator Obama was the winner against 24 per cent for Senator McCain.
ABC News Both sides are claiming victory in the first of the three US presidential debates, but commentators are saying neither contender scored a knockout blow.

Leisha Camden said...

The debate was a close call, yeah ... the only point on which McSame scored noticeably higher was in putting down his opponent. >:-) (37%.) But I think Obama made a good impression on people, if for nothing else because he was able to look at McSame and address him directly. What is the old guy's problem? All that talk about bringing people together across party lines, 'crossing the aisle' ... but he can't even look at Obama one single time?

Suspicious ... :-(