Monday, September 22, 2008

Haakon Lie, one hundred and three

Haakon Lie is 103 years old today. :-o Pretty mindboggling. I don't think I can even really understand how old that is. He's more than three times my age. He was born in Kristiania. He was born before king Haakon had arrived in the country. :-o He was campaigning for Labor in 1919. That just completely ... bakes my noodle. ;-) It's amazing. What's even more amazing is that he's still campaigning, kind of - he still hasn't let go of the world of politics. And why should he? He's still got it. At the last election, that whole 'care on a stopwatch' thing that ended up just defining the entire Labor campaign - he came up with that.

Now his latest thing is that we shouldn't buy those American fighter planes, we should buy the Swedish ones instead. The decision has to be made by Christmas. Glad I'm not going to be making it. :-) I'm obviously not qualified to even have an opinion on this issue, but I have one anyway ... I think we should get the Swedish ones. Because I am a big baby. >:-( I want us to buy the Swedish planes, because Benson K Whitney says we should get the American ones, and whatever he thinks, I always think the exact opposite. Because!!

Aaargh, Benson K Whitney!!!!! Go back where you came from, shithead!!! Go back to the States and find the rock you crawled out from under and bury yourself there again. When Americans ask that retarded question of theirs, 'Why do they hate us?' all I need to answer that are three words. Benson K FUCKING Whitney.

Tonight he was on the news again saying that he would 'never debate' such an illustrious personage as Lie, but he's totally wrong. OK ... so he's willing to go on the biggest news show in the country and say that the old guy doesn't know what he's talking about, but he isn't man enough to do it face to face. Wasn't that what he was saying? And isn't that what he's always saying - 'I don't want to say that you're wrong, but you're totally wrong'. OMFG, grow a pair. >:-(

When you are an ambassador to a foreign nation, you are a guest of that nation. Guests should be polite and refrain from redecorating their host's house. Someone should explain that to Whitney. Seems like all he ever does is tell us how to run our country. He is the embodiment of the Bush administration's attitude to the world - he has this insane idea in his head that the US should run everything, and that this is somehow right and good. Like how they think they should get access to all of our information ... but if we wanted any of theirs, I'm sure they'd throw a fit.

Mr Obama, please win this election and recall this guy and send us someone else! Anyone else.

Benson K Whitney thinks that we shouldn't base our decision about the fighter planes on politics ... we should base it on which is the best plane. Whaddya wanna bet that that only applies as long as we pick the American one? On the news tonight he said that this isn't a political issue for his government, and it also isn't about the economic side of it. (Cause obviously, his government doesn't need money right now. >:-) WTF?? If neither of these things are involved, then why the hell do they even care?? Oh, I'm sorry, it's about the 'bonds' between our nations. We should strive for tighter bonds between Norway and the US. Why? So that when they invade us too and steal our oil, after they're done in the Middle East, we won't fight back like those pesky towelheads are doing?

I'm exaggerating for effect. Or am I?

Benson K Whitney, boo hiss!! >:-(

And there was another idiot on the news too. The king's old caretaker at the Royal Shieling ('old' as in 'previous', he wasn't really that old, age-wise) is going to sue the Palace's insurance company, or whatever, because his health has been ruined by - give me a break - the radiation from the ... what's the word in English ... cell phone tower? in the woods near the Shieling. I don't know how close it is. Which DOESN'T MATTER ANYWAY since you cannot have your health 'ruined', or even affected, by that type of radiation. I mean, pics or it didn't happen. This didn't happen. It's unprovable ... and, hello, Occam's razor. So good luck with that lawsuit to the former royal janitor. What really annoyed me, though - yeah, I was not sufficiently annoyed yet by this time - was the way the reporter phrased the story. First: Here we see a man whose health has been shattered by radiation ... and then: Telenor claims that the radiation levels are not sufficiently high in that area to affect ... WTF?? No! He claims! They are the ones with the evidence on their side!!

Gunnar, if you read this: you should totally write something about that. Something serious, though, not something like this. >:-)

Sheesh. I shouldn't watch the news.

Happy 103rd, Mr Lie. I hope you'll stick around a little bit longer. Cause you gotta see how it ends, right? ;-)


Leisha Camden said...

FYI if you're a confused English-speaking reader: the last name Lie in Norwegian is pronounced pretty much like 'Lee'. So the title of the post does rhyme. ;-)

RHJ said...

Herlig rim. Om seks år kan du poste på med et nytt norsk rim? ;-)

For en annen gammel fyr: Soldiering on at 110: Belgium honours veteran of western front.

Ellers må du ikke være for slem med han ambassadøren! Hans jobb er å ivareta sin nasjons interesser. Og det gjør han, og det vil nestemann/kvinne også gjøre.

En annen sak er hvorfor vi i det hele tatt har slike diplomater? Jeg husker fortsatt den sleske finske sjåføren som crusa rundt på Huk med med CD-skilter og en parkeringsbot under vindusviskerne. Ikke søren om han skulle besudle fingrene sine med å fjerne noe slikt, nei?

Leisha Camden said...

NEI, han ivaretar IKKE sin nasjons interesser. Han får nemlig meg og mange med meg til å få den jævla nasjonen hans langt oppi halsen.

Jeg har aldri likt USA, men denne følelsen blir bare sterkere og sterkere hver eneste gang jeg ser denne drittsekken i media.

Ikke være for slem - veit du hva, jeg synes noen burde denge den fyren og pælme han på fjorden. Og det synes jeg ikke ville vært for hard behandling av ham. Langt i fra.

De som styrer landet hans eier ikke folkeskikk. Så sender de en sånn en hit for å virkelig bevise det for oss. Jeg spyr.

Paz said...

absofuckinglutly one of the best rants i read in a while, the use of the word fucking, unfuckingbelievable been very busy last while only catching up

Leisha Camden said...

LOL, thanks, glad I could cheer you up. ;-) I was actually kind of wondering where you'd gotten to. I thought maybe you were out travelling and taking some more pretty pictures to show us ... ? :-)