Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is a fascist state?

It is a corporate state.

It is the United States.

Isn't it creepy when reality starts resembling a conspiracy theory?

Everyone should read this great article by Naomi Wolf. Read it and weep.

And everyone should take a good long look in the mirror and ask: what is the natural enemy of fascism? What does the American media and the American ruling classes struggle so mightily to demonise? And if you follow the money, where does it lead?

Another good article here, btw.


Gunnar said...

Ja, jeg blogget vel også om Wolf sin artikkel for en tid tilbake. Skremmende lesning.


...og se også denne provoserende videoen:


Leisha Camden said...

Det er sånt som man kan le av helt til man begynner å se nærmere på det og det viser seg at hun faktisk har helt rett ... :-(