Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chris Carter: The X Files. I Want to Believe

Three down, six to go ...

I saw this movie last Wednesday with my best friend, C. It was on the smallest screen at Saga (a theater which is starting to suck more and more, customer-relations wise) and it was the day before the last screening. So ... I am slow, but better late than never. ;-)

I am so glad I managed to see it, though. It was so great to 'see' Mulder & Scully again. I've missed those two!! I need to get more of the series on DVD; as it is I only have the first season. And that is so far from the best of what that show offered. Unfortunately, the movie's pretty far from the best too ... :-)

This was a movie that I enjoyed, and that C. enjoyed - we thought it was pretty good and we were glad to have seen it. BUT: we are fans. Caveat emptor! Anyone who's not a fan would have to be somewhat uncritical in their appreciation of weird mystery thrillers with vague supernatural overtones ... because this movie, seen in as objective a light as I can manage, is not all that if removed from the protective magic of the show. Mulder & Scully - who are, unsurprisingly, an 'item' at this point (who on earth else would ever be able to live with either of those two) - have a lot of back story, which the movie doesn't go into. So if you've never watched the show, you'll have some important clues missing, and the behavior of the characters will make less sense to you. Like, they're as good as married, but they still call each other by their last names? Scully is obsessed with young boys dying of mysterious diseases? Mulder has an unexplained grudge against the FBI? For me, all of this was just fine. Normal. :-) But I think it would be safe to say that the movie would be much less interesting for any non-fan ...

... since you'd then be stuck with only the plot, which is unfortunately pretty standard fare. FBI agent gets kidnapped, creepy old 'psychic' claims to receive visions of her whereabouts, Mulder's called in to disprove or validate allegations of creepy old man, Mulder gets too obsessed with case, Scully is upset with Mulder's preoccupation, things are not what they seem, Mulder gets in shitload of trouble, Scully is desperate to find & rescue him, Skinner saves the day!!! yay, Skinner!! :-D and then they figure everything out and OMG! that is SO fucked up! and then things are pretty much back to normal again.

Basically, plot-wise, this is like a really long episode of the show, but not one of the best episodes. So ... no, it didn't suck, but it wasn't that great. Not as good as it should have been, and not as good as it probably could have been. But I loved it anyway ... because I was so happy to see those two weirdos again.

Unmissable for us fans, but for the rest of you out there ... meh.

But if you aren't already a fan: you have GOT to watch this show!!!!! The truth is out there ... !

To whom it may concern: David Duchovny wears a beard in the first part of the movie, and he looks SO HOT ... !! ;-)

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