Thursday, September 25, 2008

'Which Witch' bitching, coming up

And plenty of it. >:-)

I've got SO much to say about this that ... yeah, I hardly know where to start. I've got so much I want to say that if I were to put it all in one blogpost it would be ridiculously long. I'm going to have to do this in instalments. :-D So that's what this post is about - it's a warning - consider yourselves served. This is probably going to be a good example of why I maybe shouldn't actually really have my own blog, but instead should just sit and stew quietly in a corner.

But I DO have a blog and you will all suffer for it!!! Bwahahaha!!

OK, so ... I'm going to be talking about the play in general, about this production and how they've altered it. About the cast, the costumes, the choreography, the direction, the interpretation of the characters and the interpretation of the plot ... and, of course, about the innumerable flaws made in all of these. >:-) I am an historian by education - the Middle Ages is my field of specialty - so I will also be touching on the history of witchcraft and the church a bit. They got that wrong too! >:-) Like I said, prepare to suffer. ;-)

To make up for my rantings to some extent I plan to offer you some illegal bootleg material available ... well, maybe not here exlusively, but not in a lot of other places, I shouldn't think. I made some recordings during the performance yesterday. >:-) Audio only, since I didn't want to be kicked out. I used my camera, which isn't very good, but I hope the results will be interesting to some of you anyway. Stay tuned, it's coming up soon.

Also, if there's anyone reading this who has no idea what Which Witch is but wants to find out: let me know. I can help you. If you've got a CD player and a mailing address, I've got the rest. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, me like some good ol' bitching when it's called for... ;)

And I love reading your blog. Usually, people are either very opinionated and unintelligent, or intelligent and politically correct. You are BOT opinionated and intelligent. I love that.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually consider myself particularly masochistic, but I guess I must be, since I enjoy your rants ;) And particularly on this subject, where I have so strong opinions myself. So bring it on!

Leisha Camden said...

operafantomet: I really feel it is called for in this case. >:-) I bet you know exactly what I mean. ;-) Thank you for your lovely comments - that is so nice to hear - I already know that I'm opinionated, it's nice to be called intelligent too sometimes. ;-) And as for political correctness, well, that's certainly not anything I particularly strive for. ;-)

findabair: Rants can be fun, can't they? If they're written in an entertaining way (I try ...) I think they can be a lot of fun. Have you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss? The perfect example of what I mean ... :-)

'Bring it on', you say - I accept your challenge ... !!!