Friday, September 26, 2008

Mountain vacation 2008. Lunar eclipse

On the night between August 16th and 17th, there was a partial lunar eclipse. I read about it in the paper on the Thursday. I said to myself that I've got to be sure to catch that ... ! but of course when Saturday night arrived I'd forgotten all about it. Typical. I suddenly remembered it again, though, just when I was about ready to call it a night ... and then, of course, the eclipse was already on the wane. :-( So I could have seen a substantially smaller amount of visible moon than I did in fact see. Remind me again what the big deal is with these things ... ?

Anyway! As the battery in my own camera was pretty much dying by this time, I'd switched to using my mother's newer and better one. And a good thing too, because that's why I managed to take this - IMO - really cool photo. The top one, with the branches. I like it. :-) With my own camera I took another really shitty picture (yeah, worse than these!) that I'm not going to bother to post.


RHJ said...

Herlige effekter med tre-bildet hvis man kontrastforsterker negativen :-)

Paz said...


Leisha Camden said...

RHJ: thanks, that's so cool! :-D

Paz: if you see this, click on RHJ's smiley to see another version (if you haven't already of course ;-).

Yeah, nice. :-)

Paz said...

my Norwegian is a bit rusty, its been a while since the Scandinavians came to Ireland raping and pillaging so was not sure what rhj was talking about,
rhj, I liked the negative