Monday, September 1, 2008

Biden vs Palin

OK, so let's face it, one of these ... oops, I almost wrote 'guys' ... people is going to be US president at some point. Because if Obama gets elected, he'll be shot, and if McCain gets elected, he'll keel over from a heart attack or some other ailment commonly associated with old age and feebleness.

Before slamming me for saying that, please read the disclaimer in the top right hand corner.

So considering that, how can there possibly be any kind of contest? How can this election even be vaguely in dispute? I mean, that is like ... such a total no-brainer that even people with no brains should be able to understand that this is no choice at all, this is like being asked to decide whether you want to receive as a gift a million dollars or a dime. Joe Biden - google him yourselves! - or this woman. And after all that whining about Obama being too young and too inexperienced. WTF?

It must be because she's perceived to have 'the right values'. (Although personally, anyone who claims that (hypothetical scenario) she would force her 13 year old daughter to carry to term a child resulting from rape has some pretty screwed up values IMO.) Only in America ... !! Abortion rights, gay rights and 'evolutionism' vs creationism are all totally irrelevant things that have no real impact on anyone's real lives. Anyone letting those issues decide something as incredibly important as this election deserves to be screwed.

Anyway. The issues & values thing must be what McSame is banking on. Cause otherwise this whole thing is totally incomprehensible. But won't those issues & values voters be put off by the inappropriateness of a woman outside the home doing such manly work? Thus causing McSame to basically shoot himself in the foot? We can only hope.

Personally though, politics aside, there's no way in hell I would ever even consider voting for a person who claims to be an adult and still manages to name her kids (or kids/grandkid, whatever) Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig. I've said it before and I'll say it again: what IS wrong with people.


Paz said...

can you imagine what would happen if a European was going for election in America, last Irish leader seperated living with another woman, French pick anyone - lovers,the Italian porn star that got elected to parlimentetc etc, but some of them were great politians people are funny

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, it's like a different planet over there sometimes. Some years back, in our previous government, our Chancellor of the Exchequer (although of course we don't use that title)/Minister of Finance was gay. Married to another man even. But nobody cared. Imagine if a cabinet minister was discovered to be gay in the US - all their heads would explode ... !! :-D

It's funny in a way, but at the same time, it's a little scary. If people are going to have to be 'perfect' - lead perfect lives, no skeletons in any closets - in order to hold public office, who's going to be left to do those jobs then? And what kind of people will they be, with what kind of life experience (or lack of it)?

Nobody's perfect, and politicians are just people too. Like you said, a person's private life doesn't determine the kind of job they will do in parliament or government.

Paz said...

thks for the comment, if your friend is coming over let me know i will let her know places that might be worth visiting that are not on tourist brochures