Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Downtown weirdness

The Saturday before last I went to a couple of flea markets ... or, OK, three. Before that though I did something else which was much cooler. Even cooler than three flea markets - I kid you not. A couple of posts on that are coming up. But first, some random weirdness.

When I'd done the cool thing that I did and was going to find my way to the first flea market, I decided to cut across Karl Johan - Oslo's main street, named after our second Swedish king, who built the Royal Palace - to get a streetcar from Tullinløkka. This meant I'd walk across University Square and through the University Gardens. As I came up the steps from the square in front of National Theatre station, I spotted something weird across the street. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so ... something really weird.

Turned out there was some kind of science fair going on in University Square. So ... a giant inflatable dinosaur, why the hell not. :-D


Gunnar said...

Kuuult! Håper den fortsatt er der når jeg kommer til Oslo på fredag!

Paz said...

in Ireland a few is three, not a couple ;P. Cool thing to happen across. Why was the guy wearing the high visability vest? I know that reptiles have poor eyesight but health and safety gone nuts :)

Leisha Camden said...

Gunnar: Tviler på det, dessverre ... virka som om det bare var den helga. :-( for deg. Men om du tar en tur på Naturhistorisk Museum, så har de en T-Rex der. ;-)

Paz: Actually, three is a few!! Right? :-D I know, anyway ... I said a couple first, but then I realized I was lying. ;-) It had in fact been three.

About the hi-vis vest, I think that was probably just to show that he was part of the security staff there. But considering what the display looked like otherwise I really think they could have come up with something much cooler. >:-)