Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy birthday, findabair!!

Today is my friend findabair's birthday. :-) Congratulations!!!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day ... with lots of greetings from family and friends, nice presents (though not too many of them as I suspect you don't have room for a whole lot more stuff right now ;-) and some fun activity that doesn't involve movie versions of books that you hate. ;-)

All my wishes for a wonderful birthday!!! Have a great time and I'll see you on Wednesday. :-)

Here's a pretty picture for you! :-)

(Unfortunately, this beautiful pendant isn't your present - I only wish I had that kind of money ;-) - but I do have something up my sleeve. Something you really don't need, but still. Make sure you have extra room in your bag on Wednesday. ;-)


findabair said...

Wow, thank you so much :)

Looking very much forward to Wednesday, for many reasons obviously, including the fact that it is always pleasant to be surprised with presents one really doesn't need! (That is not to say I don't appreciate getting bed linen and socks and similar things for my birthday, but the non-necessary presents are usually the most fun ones.)

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, the non-essentials are usually the most fun. I've tried to be a little sensible this year - one of the two (or kind of three) things you're getting is something that isn't necessary, but still useful. Ie, not entirely frivolous. ;-) The other thing is something that you already have way too many of (ahem), but that you also can't ever have too many of. If you know what I mean. ;-)

I hope you won't be insulted when you see what it's about. I think you'll understand why I couldn't resist getting it for you. ;-)

Tracey said...

Surprices are allways great fun, have wonderfull time on wednesday when you see each other,
Thankyou so much for sending wishes to my Savannah, they grew up so fast,

Leisha Camden said...

You're welcome, Tracey. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. :-)