Monday, September 29, 2008

Looking for a flea market?

Then I know where to go. ;-) Check out this site: It is an absolutely fantastic resource for flea market lovers. Lots of info about upcoming events, with contact info, how to get there, etc. It's not exhaustive, because the guy who runs it relies on people giving him information, and not everyone does ... ie, there may be things happening that aren't listed on that site. And of course the info is mostly focused on Oslo and Akershus (the county that surrounds the capital on all three landbound sides) ... partly because that's where the site owner is, I assume, and partly because this is where most of the action is. Like it or not. >:-) But over the past year or so the site's gotten much better at listing info on events elsewhere in the country too.

You can sign up to be notified about events via SMS, and there is also a forum on the site, although there isn't a lot of action there, but still ... it's there. :-) If you're looking to give stuff away, there's also a list of links of upcoming flea markets that are accepting items, with contact info etc. The site's been going for over three years and it's a fantastic resource for flea market addicts such as myself. ;-) If you're somewhere in Norway and you want to go to a flea market, that's the place to start. :-)

I didn't go to any flea markets this weekend - there were hardly any, since fall break started on Friday for all the schools in Oslo and Bærum. There was one, which I didn't take the time to visit ... and probably just as well, since I have way too many books and stuff as it is ... but fellow blogger RHJ did, and he's blogged about it here. I did go to three different ones last weekend, though, the reviews of which I have yet to write up, so brace yourselves. >:-)

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