Friday, September 19, 2008

More movies I'm psyched about seeing

Tomas Alfredson: Låt den rätte komma in
This one has GOT to be good. I don't see how it can be anything other than fantastic. The book it's based on is a complete masterpiece, I love it. What a story! What an idea! So original, so fascinating, so convincing. The movie has already won some award, at the Tribeca festival. I am more than psyched about this one. :-)
Fortunately it won't be long till I do get to see it - hopefully on Sunday. :-) It doesn't open here for a while yet, but on Sunday there will be a preview screening as part of a one-day book festival that the Norwegian Book Clubs are hosting. And guess where. On the roof of the Opera. :-) First movie screening ever on the Opera roof - it'll be worth going just for the setting.
But I think the movie will be fantastic. :-)

Rønning/Sandberg: Max Manus
Everybody's psyched about this one! :-D The poster looks so incredibly cool, I don't know what it is, but it is soo striking and well designed. I've got to see the movie. I haven't read Manus' autobiography (although I have it lying around) but obviously his story has everything it needs to become a kickass movie if it's done right. And I think it has been.
I wish I could have been downtown and seen the swastika flag raised on the Parliament building, the day they shot that. :-o

Henry Selick: Coraline
Because it's Neil Gaiman, so it may be really really really good. I've read the book and liked it a lot. It has the potential to become a wonderful movie. And considering just what this director has achieved in the past, well ... my hopes are high.

Bryan Bertino: The Strangers
Just because the poster looks so totally cool. I know hardly anything about this movie other than that. I am so shallow.

Jesper W Nielsen: I et speil i en gåte
Not on the top of my list, but I still definitely want to see it. I loved the author of the book this is based on, Jostein Gaarder, in my mid-teens. This book, when I read it years ago, was rather poetic. I suspect the religious tone of the story will not appeal to me much now. But I think it may be a thought-provoking story all the same.

Uli Edel: Der Baader-Meinhof komplex
Because the topic's very interesting - and timely, unfortunately. Because the book it's based on is supposed to be fantastic. And because I've heard such good things about it. Not that I trust the reviews, generally. But all good, nothing bad ... that oughta mean something.

Scott Derrickson: The Day the Earth Stood Still
I know I already mentioned this one, but ... it's Keanu, look ...

Mmm, Keanu ...


findabair said...

Låt den rätte komma in is showing on Sunday, huh? Guess that's one thing I'll not be doing on my birthday ;) Enjoy - and let me know what I miss out on by refusing to see it!

Leisha Camden said...

It's Anéa and I that are going. Notice how I specifically did not invite you ... ;-)

You'll get a full report, though, don't worry!! :-D

Zaina Marie said...

Hi, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my page. I hope to get to know you better by reading your blog. Have a wonderful day!!

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks & the same to you too! :-)