Sunday, May 18, 2008

PORTUGAL 2008: Vania Fernandes - Senhora do mar

One must give Portugal some credit for just trying for SO LONG ... !! without getting anywhere.

But they get no credit for basically stealing last year's winning entry AND its choreography as well! Hello! Just as well that the song is nowhere near as good ...

The singer is really putting her all into it, I mean, she is totally working it. But it just doesn't seem to be getting through to the audience, does it? She is sort of ... overly sincere. They're trying too hard. Well, they have reason, they've tried more times than anyone else without ever winning. I want to vote for them, I want them to come up with a fantastic entry so they can win some time!! But since they're in the 2nd semi I couldn't vote for them even if I wanted to ... which is no hardship because although I kind of think this song has potential, it just isn't good enough.

Don't give up, Portugal ... !! Do what Turkey did in 2003 and you can make it too ... !!

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