Thursday, May 15, 2008

POLAND 2008: Isis Gee - For Life

No ballad wins after a ballad ... !! Why won't anyone listen??

What a surprise, a pretty blonde with big tits in a revealing dress. I've been waiting for it ...

An OK voice, an OK song. Rather un-Polish. Of course after they sent Ich Troje in 2006 anything is better. I think Europe may like this ... its only problem is that it's so slick and professional that it may be too much, and people won't be interested and will prefer something more amateurish instead. OK, not amateurish, but ... something not so thoroughly produced. I see that it's pretty good, but it doesn't move me. Too American? The singer is American, so I guess that's why, or at least partly why. But I'm not sure it'll go down well in Belgrade.

To support my theory, I would like to point to what happened with Belgium in 2006. Fantastic song that crashed and burned - too overproduced and professional, not really an ESC song. And the same thing with Iceland the year before.

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