Thursday, May 15, 2008

RUSSIA 2008: Dima Bilan - Believe

Go Dima, go Dima ... !! :-D

Dima Bilan did soo well in Athens with a wonderful song and brilliant scenography. Will he go all the way this year??

If he doesn't, it won't be for lack of trying. Russia will do ANYTHING to win the ESC. This year they have paid Timbaland a million dollars to produce their entry. And of course Dima will get them a shitload of votes - again - just for being Dima Bilan.

They will have to change the scenography, though - he can't just sit & stand around like that. Come on, doesn't he have a reputation to uphold! :-D And for my money it gets a bit much with all the posing and the preening. But then again, I'm not a fourteen year old girl in Kyiv or wherever.

Is this the winner? Moscow 2009? If that is where we end up it won't surprise me one bit. They will certainly do very well. Even though this is kind of a ballad, yes. If anyone can break that curse, then Dima is the man. His song in -06 was better, though. But still ... he has so much confidence, that alone will get him far. And this song is good. This is a potential winner. Not my personal favorite among the songs this year, but a very strong contender. And my favorite to actually win, although so far I do like the Belgian song better.

Never discount Russia. You will be assimilated.


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