Thursday, May 15, 2008

ALBANIA: Olta Boka - Zemrën e lamë peng

ANYTHING Albania sent this year would have been good, just because of the astonishing badness of the song they sent last year. (Remember that guy - a middle-aged, slightly overweight, mustachioed person who filled to the brim with either passion or ennui asked Europe to 'Hear My Plea' in squirm-inducingly bad English ...) Great to see that they're using their own language this time.

This year their singer is this year's youngest performer, only 16. She has a beautiful voice, is pretty and wears a ... hm ... I guess the phrase I'm looking for is Disney-style princess gown. The video is fantastic ... I love the human spiral thing ... but obviously they'll have to do something totally different on stage. The song is a sweet ballad, which on its own merit ought to do well - their best result yet - but it may not, since this will in all likelihood not be a big year for ballads. So I don't know. I like this song a lot, and all things being equal it ought to do well ... but, alas, all things are not equal.

Certainly IMO it's Albania's best ever entry. (Although I'm not sure that's really saying very much. ..)

(Tee-hee! I slammed an Albanian! Anyone see Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter??)

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