Saturday, May 24, 2008

Iceland, Turkey, Portugal

This is a sort of good party tune, a good beat and catchy as far as it goes. But it sounds kind of old, like something from the late 90s. Not very original. Very standard. And same with the presentation.
And what's with that hair, and the costumes ... I know this is the ESC, but aren't there some limits to how gay these things can be?! ;-)
They shouldn't get very far with this. It's just totally standard and so ten years ago.

This is good!! One of the best entries from Turkey ever, IMO. The presentation is good, not that creative perhaps but it suits the song very well. I like this a lot - I don't think it has any chances of winning, but the Turks can certainly hold their heads up this year. A good entry.

This song gets better and better every time I hear it. First time around I thought it was pretty boring, but it has soo grown on me. This is the fourth time I'm hearing it today and I think it's a beautiful ballad. And she's fantastic!! What a voice and what a performance. Good luck, Portugal!!! They deserve to do soo well this year and I think they will too. :-)

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