Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If you don't have any problems in your life ...

... you can certainly create some by going to an internet forum and forcing yourself to read a long list of posts by a person you think is completely annoying and has nothing sensible to say. Yes, some people really do do this. (Read the thread and see if you can spot the person with the perfect, trouble free life.) I really have to wonder how it's possible that the English language has no word for fritidsproblemer ... because sometimes I soo need to use it.

Maybe I need to start keeping a list somewhere of BookCrossers whose posts I make it a rule not to read. Well, it's early days still. So far it's really just the resident crazy fundie Xian troll, and this new one I added today, whose posts have annoyed me many times in the past anyway, so my heart is not quite broken. But today's argument was a very good example of the old saying that arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics ... even if you win, you're still retarded. (I mean, 'It's not true that all Russians are racists because I work with four Russians and only one of them is a little bit racist'. What? Well, if one person in the UK knows three Russian citizens who aren't racists, then of course that does indeed negate all the brutal racist violence that has become endemic to Russian society and the rising levels in hate crime. I guess it is all just bad press after all. Gag me with a spoon.)

[Mr Putin, please don't have me assassinated. I voted for Believe seven times on Saturday.]

I'm sure I do come across as a callous, heartless machine creature to those I engage in conversations with online, but even my feelings can be a little bit hurt when someone calls me a 'rabid dog'. So I said she was a bitch and walked away from it. Yes, folks, that's about as mature as I get. Don't like it - get the fuck outta my face.

To make this charming day even better, I got a call from company head office in Trondheim to complain that there's something wrong with my accounts from week 19. What is this sum here of minus 17,500 NOK? That looks like an error. YES, it is an error, I know it is because I put the error there. As I have explained at least four times already, this error arises when I am forced to allow my coworkers to make cash withdrawals using our bank terminal, which is not set up for this. Trust me, I don't want to let them do that, because I KNOW that it will create an error in the accounts. Have I told my department manager this? Yes, as I also mentioned the four previous times that we had this conversation, I have, but he thinks it's so convenient to have basically an ATM machine in the building (and on his way out of it >;-), so let's just let head office have that little worry. ARGH.

I wonder how many weeks till I have to explain the same thing again.

But now the whole lot of them can go hang!! I'm off to meet two of my friends (I have some!! :-o) for the best hot chocolate in town at the fancy Library Bar in Hotel Bristol.

Vrag naj vzame!! :-D

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