Friday, May 16, 2008

Good news :-)

I talked to my mother on the phone again today. She's talked to the hospital and to my grandmother. Good news. :-) The doctors are positive, apparently; she has had a tiny blood clot that just 'passed through' as they called it, but there are no aftereffects. And she feels good, she's perfectly herself again now. Yes!! :-)

Fortunately, she will be able to stay in the hospital through the weekend, till Monday. Tomorrow is our national day, Constitution Day, and my mother was worried that they would want to send as many patients as possible home. And we all want her to not have to go home and be there alone on May 17th of all days. (Her sister lives nearby but she has had some kind of episode too - the day before yesterday! So no help there, unfortunately.) But she won't have to. :-)

Good news!! :-)

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