Thursday, May 15, 2008

ICELAND: Euroband - This Is My Life


Iceland screwed up last year and acted like total babies over it. Too bad, really, because they had a great song, it was just presented in such an incredibly boring and unoriginal way. But Eirikur Hauksson who performed the song was shocked & appalled that Europe didn't fall over backwards over something we'd all seen a hundred times before. So I guess they may feel they have something to prove this year. Will they?

Iceland are weird. They are basically always really high on the rankings of betting companies and the like, but they pretty much never live up to that in the actual contest. This song is supposedly a favorite too. I think it will do badly. A boring eurotrash pop song. The melody itself is good ... but kind of old-fashioned ... it sounds like something Erasure could have done ten years ago. No, I don't have much faith in this.

Iceland has never won the contest, the closest they've come was second place in 1999. Which is almost too bad, because there can be no doubt that they would put on a hell of a party! :-D

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