Thursday, May 22, 2008

Malta, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Portugal

Finally a nice outfit again ... or pretty nice, anyway. Didn't notice the boots at first.
A really good voice and a professional, confident singer ... pretty good presentation ... and a catchy, upbeat song.
But. It gets really annoying really quickly.
I can feel my blood pressure rising as I watch this ...

And we're back to the hideous gowns ...
Ouch, she changed, and now it's almost even worse! :-o
This song is catchy and sort of has many elements that one ought to like, but I don't like it anyway. It seems very calculated to me. Kind of heartless, like the Swedish song.
I don't think this will get to the final.

FYR Macedonia:
This song is just really boring IMO, there's nothing to it that makes it stand out in any way. And nothing much that's special about the presentation either.
I don't have much to say about this. It's just completely standard issue all the way.
I hope it doesn't get through, it doesn't deserve it.

A better presentation that in their national final. Rather striking.
Maybe overly theatrical for my taste. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
She has a very good voice and this is a beautiful ballad. And the similarities to last year's winner have been toned down a lot. So now I'm starting to think they may not be so off the mark with this. :-)
No chance of winning, I don't think, but may get to the final, I won't be surprised if they do.


Anonymous said...

I liked Portugal!
(but she appeared huge on the stage in that dress *blush*)

Leisha Camden said...

It's probably not polite to say it, but you're right, she did. :-)

But she didn't look huge in an unbecoming way, I don't think ... she looked like an opera singer. :-)

Anonymous said...

well if Montserrat Caballe is on your mind I guess your right.
I'm totally not polite tonight.

Leisha Camden said...


With all those hideous dresses on stage in the Arena you certainly had enough to inspire you ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

well at least she wasn't in sliver!

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, this is definitely the year for silver! :-D

Leisha Camden said...

There's always one thing like that, isn't there?

Drums, or water on stage, or silver dresses ... :-)