Thursday, May 15, 2008

THE NETHERLANDS: Hind - Your Heart Belongs To Me

Alas, one of the former Eurovision greats who have fallen from glory in recent years. The last winning Dutch entry - Ding-a-dong, 33 years ago!! :-o - is one of my all time ESC favorites, it is super catchy. :-)

This year's ... not so much. But enormously better than last year!! Charming singer and catchy song, with a bit of an ethnopop flavor to it to appeal to the Easterners. Rather untypically Dutch, in relation to what we've gotten used to from there over the past few years. But that's good, since they've been doing so badly with their more standard fare recently ...

I dig this song!! Great song, sounds ... genuine, with lots of charm and personality. Europeans anywhere can and should like this song and vote for it! :-)

But unfortunately, the Netherlands will go on stage directly after Armenia. That will not be in this song's favor. :-(

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