Thursday, May 15, 2008

LATVIA: Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea

Oh, Latvia, STOP IT!!!!

This is kind of a weird country for me in ESC terms. They started out much later than the other Baltic nations ... like six years later or something. Solid debut (3rd place) then pretty anonymous the second year, then they won ... with a song that really didn't do it that much for me. But it was perfectly acceptable. Then another couple of years with so-so entries that I at least don't even vaguely remember. Then they sent The War Is Not Over three years ago, which at first I thought sucked but which now is one my favorites from 2005. A rather beautiful ballad with a real message. 5th place. So I was all set to expect great things from them ... and then in 2006 they tried with the first ever a cappella song to compete in the contest. Not my thing. And if you're going to do a cappella, you have to be really good, and those guys weren't good enough. But kudos for trying something completely new, definitely.

And then last year. Last year when they sent that HIDEOUS Frankenstein creature of an entry. That was seriously so repulsive. It was SO NASTY ... just such a caricature that I just about passed out when they made it through the semi. Fortunately no one voted for them much in the final. But still ... !

And now this. This is again something that I have no words for. I mean, this is ... If we had sent our 'King of Trolls' as he called himself, then with this and the Irish turkey, the circus would have been complete!! Although I am a lost cause, perhaps I should try to learn something from my previous mishaps and try to comment sensibly on this song - their English is atrocious, their costumes are total cliches, and the verses and the chorus sound like they belong to two different songs. Their performance is a total waste of some poor choreographer's time and energy since these people are obviously congenitally unable to take in choreography. They all look like complete idiots doing what they're doing in a show that opens at what, 9pm in a lot of Europe. This is something five year olds would dig. Too bad these people will not be performing at a kiddie birthday, because that's where they belong. Pathetic, embarrassing, offensive - my time isn't very valuable, but I still take offense at wasting it on something like this.

One of these pirate guys was in their 'group' last year too. Shithead.

And that tune ... ! Annoying much?? >:-(

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