Saturday, May 24, 2008

Serbia, Russia, Norway

Shades of Molitva and of Nocturne ...
This is a good song, another one that's been growing on me.
She has a wonderful voice and it's a beautiful song. But it's too much like last year's winner for my money.
They will definitely do well, but I don't think it's original enough to go all the way.

Yees ... !!! My favorite! Go Russia!!
Dima is a little too intense, he needs to talk to somebody. ;-)
The presentation is very Soviet :-D but I like it.
A serious contender!! Go Russia! I like this song more and more every time I hear it.
Will definitely do extremely well. May well win.
Should win. ;-)

A good song, performed well by a singer with a good voice who really knows how to use her voice as well. (There's something to be learned from that - Czech Republic, I'm looking at you ...)
This is a good song although the lyrics are a little embarrassing at times (obviously written by a fifteen year old). And the presentation is good, it's simple and tasteful.
I think we have pretty good chances this year.

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