Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANDORRA: Gisela - Casanova

Obviously, Andorra can't possibly win!! LOL! What on earth will they do if they ever win?? :-D But I do love their attitude to the contest - a shame that they've started singing in English! - and I think that they seriously have a chance to get their best result ever this year. This song is incredibly catchy. Annoying the long run, probably. :-) But we only have to hear it twice.

It's often been a good idea in the ESC to pick a song title that everyone in Europe can understand, regardless of their language background. (This one's been used before, though. ;-) It remains to be seen whether it'll work for the Andorrans.

Good luck, Andorra- they've never been to the final, but they have never deserved it as much as they do this year. The video is pretty boring, but it'll be interesting to see what they'll do with it on stage.

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