Thursday, May 15, 2008

BELGIUM: Ishtar - O julissi

Those Belgians!! :-D

They have three official languages of their own, more than any other contestant (except maybe Switzerland??), and yet they are the ones who come to the finals twice in five years with some made up fantasy language! LOL! This year's is supposed to be some kind of Elvish, I think ... :-D

Now this I like!! This is definitely my favorite so far. An immediate hook and a catchy melodious tune, a singer with an unusual and charming voice. Professionals on stage. An relatively unusual song with ... just about everything. A light and airy tune that's comfortable to listen to. I'm digging it. :-D When Europe hears this on Tuesday, we'll be sure to remember it - instant earworm.

And lest we forget: last time Belgium sent something like this, they ended up in 2nd place. So I wouldn't be surprised if this song did really well.

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