Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finland, Croatia, Poland

I like this song ... and serious kudos for singing in Finnish. Finnish is a good language for this type of music. ;-)
I was really surprised when this song made it through from the final, but it is really pretty good.
Their performance is better tonight than it was on Tuesday.

Awww ... !!
This song is just so lovely. Absolutely beautiful. I love it. :-)
That old guy is really just too adorable. The dancer is beautiful and dances very well (I love it that she's barefoot!).
I love this song, I think it's actually my favorite. I'll have to vote for this as well as for Russia. ;-)
12 points for charm ... !!

OMG, look at her teeth ... !! I think I need sunglasses. :-o
V. unbecoming dress. Her hips are just too wide for that type of dress.
It's an OK ballad, but IMO it's pretty boring. I don't see the charm in this. Especially coming right after Croatia, I really don't see it.

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