Saturday, May 24, 2008

Georgia, Ukraine, France

This song is either very catchy or very repetitive.
Not one of my personal favorites, but it's probably going to do pretty well.
The presentation would have been better if it hadn't been so obvious.

The song is almost the same as Sweden's, so since it has much more charm and spirit I hope it will steal all of Sweden's votes. >:-)
The presentation is almost the same as Armenia's ... for my money the Armenian song is better. But this will do very well. Another potential winner.

ROTFL!!! OMG, fantastic!!!!
12 points for humor!! Brilliant!!
One of the best presentations of the night. Certainly the cleverest. :-)
France deserves to do so well this year. I so hope they will.
But they would have benefited from being heard more than once.
France should do better this year than they have for a long time.

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